View Full Version : Unwanted LBP3 PS4 digital code for swap

1st January 2015, 23:01
A friend of mine has recently bought a PS4 and he has got a digital download code for LBP3 on PS4.

however he doesnt play any of the LBP games, so he has asked if i could put a post out to see if there was anyone who would be willing to swap something for it.

if you let me know if anyone wants it, then i can pass any offers across to him, Cheers :)

EDIT: hes only just got it but heres what he said he liked if anyone wants to part with em for LBP3 :)

Resogun, Hotline Miami, Rogue Legacy, Towerfall. Only AAA I have is Last of Us so far. Interested in FC4, not sure what else!