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Joining the LMZF Community

First things first You MUST be over 30 years of age to be a member. Under this and your account will be deleted. No exceptions. Have you read the rules? ... good! they are there to help keep LMZF the great community that is has become since the forums first launched on 8th January 2008. We pride ourselves on being a mature community in most aspects even though the amount of banter on site is fantastic. In order to join simply hit the 'register' button and follow through the registration process, its quick easy and very simple. You must provide your full date of birth and a 'real' email address as a verification email is sent. The link in this email must be followed in order to complete the process and give you full access to the forum. There are areas of the forum that are closed off to standard members and these are generally the Squad areas.

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