With the uncertainty of will they won't they of GAME, I've decided that I don't want to take the risk with the ammount of vouchers I have, had it been a small ammount I would tough it out. but I have 325 worth, a lot to lose should they eventually fold/pull the plug or whatever.

I cant take the chance on losing that kind of money, not in my situation, I did think about buying a console and selling it on ebay as was suggested, but I only have a savings acct that my disability money is paid into, and besides, I don't want to have the hassle of watching for bids, paypal and all that, so I'm going to offer them up to anyone who has a need for them here.

Here is what I have and what I'll let them go for:

25:00 x 6 will take 20 for each one

50 x 2 will take 40 for each one

75 x 1 will take 50

anybody wanting any, let me know