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Thread: For Sale - Porsche 911 GT2 Steering Wheel

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    Default For Sale - Porsche 911 GT2 Steering Wheel

    Afternoon everyone

    I bought this wheel last year, a little while after F1 2011 and Forza3, it's a cracking wheel it really is, but I haven't used it in such a long time now and I have no further use of it, I think I only used it in about 7 races tbh lol , wasted money? perhaps, but at the time I had every intention of getting the most use out of it as possible.

    However, reasons aside, here I am offering it for sale to anyone who wants it and the pedals, table/desk clamp etc, to buy new the lot would cost a little under £310, I'll let it go for £200 or a reasonable offer close to.

    Full Features Porsche 911 GT2 Wheel:

    • Original Porsche 911 GT2 steering wheel design
    • Licensed by Porsche Lizenz- und Handelsgesellschaft mbH
    • Authentic metal Porsche logo on wheel
    • Wheel rim wrapped in genuine Alcantara® from Italy which is 100% the same material as used in the real cars.
    • Compatible with Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3
    • Big diameter of steering wheel with 300 millimeters
    • Gear sticks are interchangeable and can be mounted on the left or right side
    • Big ClubSport Shifter paddles made of aluminum included
    • TUNING functions with LED display
    • Saves up to 5 wheel set-ups
    • Adjust ForceFeedback strength during game play
    • Adjust sensitivity independent from the game. Turning angle can be adjusted in the wheel to from 90° to 900°
    • ABS vibration in the wheel and on the (optional) Clubsport pedals for all games
    • Change the linearity in the steering axis to get the precision of a 900° wheel and the fast movement of a 270° wheel
    • Add some artificial Dead Zone to avoid shaking on straights if needed
    • Customize the Force Feedback sensations by changing the spring and dampening forces
    • Activate the drift mode to let the wheel spin faster
    • Illuminated buttons switch automatically between Xbox and PlayStation symbols
    • Powerful Mabuchi RS 550 Motor as used in RC cars delivers extra strong Force Feedback effects.
    • Additional 2 Force Feedback actuators in the wheel simulates motor vibrations.
    • Extra smooth and silent belt drive with minimized mechanical dead zone.
    • High resolution wheel sensor.
    It is lovely to use rather than a controller:

    • Play with table/cockpit: Strong table clamps with quick release keeps everything in place. Integrated screw inserts allows a strong fixation on a gaming cockpit.
    • Play without table: Fully compatible with the RennSport Wheel Stand which is available optionally
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